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Every guest is unique – So is a YouBed

The hotel industry’s most important task is to provide their customers with a personalized experience and a good night’s sleep. That makes a comfortable bed essential. 

According to studies, a comfortable bed is the most requested item by the hotel guests. What’s more surprising is that the same studies show hotel guests are very often dissatisfied with the hotel bed of today. 

The explanation is very simple. Every guest has different comfort preferences. While some like firm beds, others prefer them soft. With a regular “static” bed it is simply not possible to please all guests at the same time. Until now.

YouBed – the game changer for successful hotels

The adaptable YouBed offers an effective, workable and in many ways optimal solution to the hotel industry’s biggest challenge: A one-bed-fits-all solution without compromising with its superior comfort features. 

For the first time in history it is possible for hotels to offer each guest what they want most out of their hotel stay – a comfortable bed personalized for their needs. 

With the YouBed solution, the hotel industry can now truly compete within the area of sleep quality and bed comfort. 

YouBed doesn’t just make the guests sleep better, but also empowers the very core mission of the hotel business: To provide each of their many customers a good night’s sleep.


Reports from 70 hotels and external case studies shows that the adaptable YouBed contributes to vital additional values, for the visiting guests as well as for the hotels.

Customer Satisfaction
Large NPS Study proves that the adaptable YouBed has significant positive effect on customer satisfaction (+14%).

For the first time
possible for hotels to
offer and market a
one-bed-fits-all solution.

Room Rate
Significant impact on
the willingness to pay.

Powerful ability to
attract new guests
to the hotel.

More guests that are
willing to pay higher
room rates will results
in increased earnings.
Often far higher than
the bed investment cost.


”A comfortable bed is most requested by hotel
guests in all levels.”

“Given that almost one out of three guests is willing
to pay a extra for an enhanced bed experience, hotel brands should first evaluate if they are consistently delivering a comfortable bed experience before upgrading far less critical product attributes.”
– John Timmerman, Gallup

Westin Hotels & Resorts
82% of frequent travelers believe they have
a more comfortable bed at home than the one
offered at the hotel.

48% believe that the hotel bed is far too soft
(27%) or far too firm (21%).”
”It is primarily the firmness of the bed that affects
how well we sleep in a hotel – not jet lag, noise, etc.”

Scandic Hotels
”A comfortable bed is most important for a
positive hotel experience. Uncomfortable beds and disturbing noise have greatest impact
on a negative hotel experience.”

”32% of dissatisfied holiday makers complain of uncomfortable beds.”