The hotel bed with adjustable firmness

YouBed is the world’s first spring system bed with adjustable firmness to suit your personal sleep preferences. This without compromising its outstanding comfort features.

The firmness of the mattress can easily be adjusted by using a hand control. The guest can also fine-tune different comfort zones of the bed (shoulders and hips) to achieve the perfect firmness for a good night’s sleep.

Regardless of height, weight, body shape or sleeping position,
YouBed is always Your Bed.


Volvo Get Away Lodge
installs YouBed.

Volvo just launched the Volvo Get Away Lodge in Åre. A brand new V90 Cross Country is included in the rent, and on top of that you will sleep in a YouBed.

“The Sleep Revolution” by
Arianna Huffington

In the Swedish version of “The Sleep Revolution” is YouBed presented as a solution to hotels main challenge
– to offer a bed that fits all guests.

Adaptable beds increases
guest satisfaction (NPS)

According to a major NPS study conducted by Loopon, it is statistically proven that the adaptable YouBed results in more satisfied guests.

Team Sweden shipped
special beds to EURO16 

The Swedish football team decided to ship adaptable YouBeds to France since peak performance requires that all players have a good night’s sleep.

Scandinavian chain offer
YouBeds at almost all hotels

First Hotels launches a new room category, SmartBed, based on the adaptable YouBed at almost all of the hotel chains 63 hotels.

Posthotel Achenkirch Austria now have YouBed

We are happy to welcome the 5-star SPA hotel to our YouBed family. Posthotel have been a forerunner in wellness for over 30 years.