Global presence to serve every local market


YouBed is an innovation out of the ordinary, with the potential to change the global hotel industry for the better.

The YouBed Company, supported by strong partners and the state of Sweden, is prepared to lead and support this positive industry development. The fundament for serving a global industry is to be close to where business is actually happening.

An ongoing global roll-out, including 57 regional and local offices aim to serve every market of the world.

Head Office Sweden (Stockholm)

Local and Regional offices
India                                   (New Delhi & Bangalore)

China                                  (Qingdao & Shanghai)
Singapore                          (Singapore)
United Arab Emirates      (Dubai)
France                                (Paris)

Opening soon

Local & regional offices: Austria (Vienna), Belgium (Brussels), Croatia (Zagreb), Denmark (Copenhagen), Estonia (Tallinn), EU Affairs (Brussels), Finland (Helsinki), France (Paris), Hungary (Budapest), Ireland (Dublin), Italy (Milan), Latvia (Riga), Lithuania (from Riga), Netherlands (The Hague), Norway (Oslo), Poland (Warsaw), Portugal (Lisbon), Romania (Bucharest), Russia (Moscow), Serbia (from Vienna), Slovenia (from Vienna), Switzerland (Z├╝rich), Spain (Madrid), United Kingdom (London), Czech Republic (Prague), Germany (Berlin), Turkey (Istanbul), Ukraine (Kiev)

Other countries: Albania (from Austria), Azerbaijan (from Russia), Belarus (from Ryssland), Bosnia (from Austria), Bulgaria (from Poland), Cyprus (from Russia), Faroe Islands (from Denmark), Greece (from Russia), Greenland (from Denmark), Iceland (from Denmark), Luxembourg (from Netherlands), Macedonia (from Austria), Malta (from Italia), Moldova (from Poland), Montenegro (from Austria), Romania (from Poland), Slovakia (from Tjeckien), Slovenia (from Austria), Tajikistan (from Russia), Turkmenistan (from Russia), Uzbekistan (from Russia), Vatican City (from Italia)


Local & regional offices: Australia (Sydney), China (Beijing & Shanghai), Hong Kong (Hongkong), India (New Delhi), India (Bangalore), Indonesia (Jakarta), Japan (Tokyo), Kazakhstan (Almaty), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Myanmar (Yangon), New Zealand (Sydney), Philippines (Manila), Singapore (Singapore), South Korea (Seoul), Taiwan (Taipei), Thailand (Bangkok), Vietnam (Hanoi)

Other countries: Afghanistan (from India), Bangladesh (from India), Bhutan (from India), Brunei (from Singapore), Cambodia (from Thailand), Laos (from Thailand), Mauritius (from India), Myanmar (from Thailand), Nepal (from India), Pacific Islands (from Australia), Pakistan (from India), San Marino (from Italia), Sri Lanka (from India)

Middle East:

Local & regional offices: United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Iran (Teheran), Iraq (from Dubai), Israel (from Vienna), Jordan (from Dubai), Lebanon (from Dubai), Oman (from Dubai), Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)

Other countries: Bahrain (from United Arab Emirates), Egypt (from United Arab Emirates) Israel (from Austria), Kuwait (from United Arab Emirates), Libya (from Saudi Arabia), Palestine (from United Arab Emirates), Qatar (from United Arab Emirates), Syria (from United Arab Emirates), Yemen (from United Arab Emirates)


Local & regional offices: Kenya (Nairobi), Morocco (Casablanca), South Africa (Johannesburg)

Other countries: Algeria (from Morocco), Angola (from South Africa), Benin (from Morocco), Botswana (from South Africa), Burkina Faso (from Morocco), Burundi (from Kenya), Democratic Republic of the Congo (from Kenya), Equatorial Guinea (from Morocco), Eritrea (from Kenya), Ethiopia (from Kenya), Gabon (from Morocco), Ghana (from Morocco), Guinea (from Morocco), Ivory Coast (from Morocco), Madagascar (from South Africa), Malawi (from South Africa), Mali (from Morocco), Mauritania (from Morocco), Namibia (from South Africa), Niger (from Morocco), Nigeria (from South Africa), Rwanda (from Kenya), Senegal (from Morocco), Somalia (from Kenya), South Sudan (from Kenya), Sudan (from Kenya), Swaziland/Eswatini, (from South Africa), Tanzania (from Kenya), Tchad (from Morocco), Togo (from Morocco), Tunisia (from Morocco), Uganda (from Kenya), Zambia (from South Africa), Zimbabwe (from South Africa)

South America:

Local & regional offices: Argentina (from Santiago), Brazil (Sao Paolo), Chile (Santiago), Colombia (Bogota), Mexico (Mexico City), Peru (from Santiago)

Other countries: Argentina (from Chile), Bolivia (from Colombia), Lesotho (from South Africa) Mozambique (from South Africa), Paraguay (from Chile), Uruguay (from Chile), Venezuela (from Colombia)

North America:

Local & regional offices: South USA (Chicago), West USA (San Francisco), East USA (New York), Canada (Toronto)