The greatest hotel innovation ever?


Every hotel is in the business of sleep, and a good night’s sleep requires a comfortable hotel bed. But there’s a problem. A normal mattress, with fixed firmness, cannot please individual needs and therefore not be sold as comfortable. As a consequence, it has never been possible for any hotel to commercialize its true core service – comfortable beds and a good night’s sleep.

Now there is finally a solution. A game-changing Swedish innovation that enables true personalization of hotel beds and the introduction of sleep as a hotel service.

YouBed is not only a pocket spring mattress with adjustable firmness, but the key to a hotel service that every guest deserves.

THE BIG WINNER OF INNOV (Europe’s biggest hotel innovation contest)
MOTIVATION: With its adjustable firmness, this pocket spring mattress satisfies the individual comfort preferences of each client. The firmness of the mattress is easily adjusted using a hand control. YouBed is a solution to the biggest challenge of the hospitality industry: to guarantee every guest a personalized and comfortable sleep. Bedding is no longer a lottery!