Easy to become a sleep friendly hotel


As soon as you replace an existing bed with the personalized YouBed, you turn the whole room into a YouBed Sleep Concept.

By implementing the YouBed Sleep Concept (if only in some rooms) you can proudly claim to be a sleep friendly hotel. This will differentiate your brand and upgrade your customer offer to a level that never has been possible before.

YouBed is an operational investment that can be highly competitive, profitable and often self-financed from day one. It will easily motivate a higher room rate and attract many new guests that will finally know where to find comfortable beds and a good night’s sleep – based on their individual needs.

Tips: The YouBed Sleep Concept can easily be applied to already existing room categories. Simply replace the old bed with a YouBed and add the sleep concept name to the existing name – for example: Sleep Room, Business Sleep or Superior Sleep.