About us


YouBed was founded on the idea that everyone staying at a hotel deserves a comfortable bed and a good night’s sleep. This, however, is a real challenge as hotel guests have different preferences.

The YouBed founders, Mattias Sörensen and Stefan Hyltenfeldt, took on the mission to solve this problem once and for all. They were driven by the understanding that a good night’s sleep has to include both the highest possible mattress comfort and an adjustable firmness functionality that will not compromise that comfort.

Both founders are used to solving technical problems from different professional angles. Mattias Sörensen is a visionary business and product developer, specialized in understanding customer and market needs. Stefan Hyltenfeldt is the engineer and longtime bed constructor who could transform their ideas into a working product.

The YouBed Sleep Concept will be available globally through a unique collaboration with Business Sweden and other government agencies. The concept enables hotels to upgrade their hotel service by offering the guarantee of a comfortable sleep.