Mövenpick Hotel Berlin helps you explore both sides of this historic and hedonistic city

Mövenpick Hotel Berlin helps you explore both sides of this historic and hedonistic city

When it comes to city breaks in Europe, Berlin should easily be towards the top of anyone’s list.

The German capital is steeped in culture, style and plenty of history, making it a hub of discovery, reflection, and creativity. From landmarks like the grandiose Brandenburg Gate, to the Holocaust Museum and The Jewish Museum, there are plenty of sites for tourists to experience.

But when the sun goes down – and we mean when it has wrapped itself in bed and fully slipped into a deep sleep – that’s when Berliners come out to play. On a weekend it’s standard fare for most nightclubs to not get busy until at least 2am, and only then will the electronic music be ramped up to the next level and the lasers deployed for full display.

So finding a hotel that can cater to both sides of this city so you can enjoy all of what Berlin has to offer could be a difficult task. That’s where Mövenpick Hotel Berlin comes in.

Situated in the city centre and within walking distance to many of the sites you’d want to see, Mövenpick Hotel Berlin offers 243 contemporary rooms and suites, all with bright and spacious design. It’s based within a former Siemans building giving the structure a sense of character, while the clean and modern interior keeps it suitably 21st century.

With an S-Bahn station at the end of the street, transit to and from the airport is cheap and easy, while access to the city is effortless. In fact, you can walk to the bigger landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust Memorial, and the Topography of Terrors in 20 minutes. A little further out (but only by minutes) is The Jewish Museum, Checkpoint Charlie, and the Opera House, making the location of Mövenpick Hotel Berlin perfect if you want to tick off as much as possible in your Wallpaper City Guide during a weekend getaway.

It also means you can get back easily in the evening if you have dinner plans and want to explore Berlin’s world-famous nightlife. One thing we will say at this point, however, is that if you’re heading out to some of the more well-known clubs, when it comes to the dress code, less is more. You can never really go wrong wearing black, but don’t go smart. Keep it as casual as possible.

The nightclubs you’ll want to visit are a cab journey east across the city, but the Uber ride won’t cost you more than 12 euros from Mövenpick Hotel Berlin. On the Landwehr Canal you have the likes of Birgit and Bier, Arena Club, Club der Visionare, and IPSE, all offering hard Berlin beats into the early hours, with a very chilled vibe and plenty of German beer. And as you make your way back after a night out, you’ll be thankful for one of Mövenpick Hotel Berlin’s more unique offerings: the YouBed.

Introduced as part of their luxury room concept Sleep Individually Different, Mövenpick SLEEP rooms come with a fully adjustable bed to cater to the growing demand for guest personalisation. Controls on the side of the YouBed can adjust the firmness to the guest’s personal comfort preference. The world-first spring system bed can essentially adapt to body, weight and sleeping position, making you feel as snug as technologically possible.

The rooms are also guaranteed to be in complete darkness with the use of blackout blinds, while the quiet nature of the hotel ensures total silence. Add to that high-quality pillows, duvets absorbing humidity, Mövenpick speciality chocolates and herbal infusion teas, blackout stickers, earplugs and lavender, and you have everything you need to sleep off that night out and make sure you’re fresh for another day of sightseeing.

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of sleep when you’re away for a weekend with a jam-packed itinerary, but getting those zeds is vital. Mövenpick Hotel Berlin’s unique SLEEP room concept makes sure you’re in the best condition to do everything you want to do on your trip, and then some.

With a gym and sauna also available to guests, along with a bar and a glass-roofed Mediterranean piazza-style restaurant, Mövenpick Hotel Berlin serves as the perfect base to help you explore both sides of this historic and hedonistic city.

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Mövenpick Hotel Berlin helps you explore both sides of this historic and hedonistic city