The Great TAJ MG Road Makeover

The Great TAJ MG Road Makeover

The property has recently been enhanced keeping wholesome luxury experience in mind.

THE CITY of Garden’s most beautiful flower has bloomed again, with increased grandeur and dollops of charm, it is ready to impress even the most discerning traveller. We are talking about the Taj MG Road, Bengaluru, which has opened its gates after an extensive 100-crore-rupee renovation. The hotel has beautifully managed to balance the old and the new. While the British colonial design blends perfectly with Bengaluru’s history, the technological additions do justice to the age we live in. The large, airy rooms have been loaded with the latest equipment to enhance the security and entertainment quotient of the living space. The refurbishment has been capped by a new eatery—The Trinity Square—ready to satiate gastronomic desires of every kind, all day round.

BW Hotelier recently caught up with General Manager Manoj Mathew to know about the makeover. Mathew stressed on the minute changes, which seldom find mention but have a disproportionate impact on the guest experience. “There is a special focus on single lady travelers in terms of safety and security. There is a two-way communication system with a camera that helps the lady guest to identify the visitor outside before answering the door,” Mathew said.

Bengaluru is covered in a green hue all year round, with gardens and lakes dotting the city, it would be a grave injustice if travelers are unable to experience the freshness. It seems that the Japanese-Canadian designer David Brian Tokiwa was conscious of the fact and an effort has been made to provide every room with a breath-taking view. “The newly renovated rooms are very spacious and offer a light and airy feel. Rooms have a view of the city dotted with greenery and the Ulsoor Lake,” Mathew stated. To notch up the comfort level, the suites have been equipped with the latest ‘YouBed Concept’, which is already a favorite with guests. YouBed provides a customized sleeping experience, with adjustable firmness of mattresses and pre-saved settings for returning guests.

The property has been enhanced keeping a wholesome luxury experience in mind. A herculean effort has been put into revamping the dining experience at the hotel. The highlight of the nearly two-year-long renovation is the brand new stylish diner–Trinity Square. The ambience is very soothing and classy, perfectly complementing the fresh sage and rose gold interiors seen across the property. The mint-fresh menu has been balanced with a smattering of old favorites, featuring a mix of Indian, Italian, Middle-Eastern, American and European classics. The live grill, fresh bakery products, perfectly prepared mocktails, and cocktails surpass expectations. The pizzas served at The Trinity Square will blow you off your feet, baked in a wood stone oven, the authenticity in the taste is hard to miss. The perfectly crafted desserts are sure to leave a sweet after taste for a very long time.

Patrons can also enjoy the city’s lovely weather, sitting in the chic al fresco area of the restaurant. The allure of the new dining address is amplified by its cousins, Ice Bar, and Memories of China. Mathew calls Memories of China, “city’s most loved Chinese restaurant,” and he is not wrong, the food with a contemporary twist, the ambience and the interior, highlighted by a grand chandelier, has indeed made the restaurant a hot favorite among locals.

The city’s start-up culture has given rise to a plethora of companies, which attract thousands of foreign and domestic travelers every month. It has also made Bengaluru a magnet for international conventions and conferences. Taj MG Road plans to leverage its central location and excellent connectivity to pull people looking to organize events into its premises. “We did an extensive refurbishment to the rooftop open-air lawns. This will now give guests a feeling of being away from the city though they are actually in the midst of all the action and provide an apt venue for those who want to do a cocktail party or a social event,” Mathew elaborated. The banquet halls of the hotel are always in demand, riding on the brand value of Taj, impeccable service and an unmatched location. The renovation of the banquet halls will also be taken up very soon.

Through the sweeping makeover, Taj MG Road wants to attract new as well as seasoned travelers, it wants to cater to start-up founders as well as managers and heads of organisations, it wants to be the first choice for every traveller seeking luxury as well as utility. Mathew sums up his task very beautifully, “The thin line between work and leisure is fast disappearing…the primary focus is to offer a stress-free environment.”


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The Great TAJ MG Road Makeover