VIDEO: The Industry Wakes Up To You Bed

VIDEO: The Industry Wakes Up To You Bed

The CEO of You Bed, Mattias Sorensen, was at The Hotel Show Dubai to tell us why he believes his company’s product will revolutionise the industry…

What are you promoting at The Hotel Show Dubai?

Today we are promoting a Swedish innovation – the first bed with adjustable firmness and customisation for each customer or guest.

It is remarkable because the hotel industry is all about providing a good night’s sleep. What’s important for a good night’s sleep is a comfortable bed.

The problem for anyone is that you, me and all the different users all have various comfort preferences. Some like soft beds some like firm beds and everything in-between.

With our technology, for the first time, it is actually possible for hotels to deliver what they most of all like to have, this is proven in all studies, for example Gallup saying that one out of three guests all over the world would be willing to pay extra for the opportunity to change to a more comfortable bed.

So what are your plans for the future?

Brands like Movenpick have already installed this innovation in all their hotels, guaranteeing a really comfortable bed based on their individual needs.

It is time for us to go outside Europe, we have big plans, we plan to expand really quickly to new markets.

Every guest can understand in theory about a customisable bed. We already have 150 hotels signed up in just a year.

VIDEO: The Industry Wakes Up To You Bed